Evans Farm Weddings

Purchased by Paul and Ceciel Evans

This property was purchased by Paul and Ceciel Evans, both natives of the County in the early 1900's.  The property would become the Evans Farm, a family farm which was self sufficient in many ways.  Paul and the two sons, Kenn and Keith tended the farming which included wheat and hay production.  They also managed a herd of Jersey milk cows, a band of Suffolk sheep, and Berkshire hogs.     Ceciel managed the home, raised a garden, tended her flock of laying and meat chickens, and canned through each fall in preparation for the winter. 

Three children were raised on the land.  When the work was done, they fished in the river,  rode the farm's saddle horses, camped, hiked, and enjoyed the type of freedom which has become increasingly rare in today's world.